Winter construction guide for silicone sealant top
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The curing characteristics of single component sealant: absorbing moisture from the air, gradually curing from the surface to the inside, with faster surface drying and slower deep curing. The deeper the adhesive seam, the longer it takes for complete curing. The curing speed is easily affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment. When the environmental temperature is low, the surface drying time and deep curing speed will slow down. When the environmental humidity is low, the deep curing speed will slow down.

The curing characteristics of two-component sealant: cured by the reaction of component A and component B, with both surface and internal curing simultaneously. The complete curing time is almost not affected by the size of the adhesive seam. The curing speed is less affected by environmental humidity, but more affected by temperature. The lower the temperature, the slower the curing speed. Meanwhile, the curing rate can also be adjusted by the amount of component B. The smaller the amount of component B, the slower the curing rate. The larger the amount of component B, the faster the curing rate. However, the adjustment range of the amount of component B should be strictly controlled within ± 20% of the specified amount. Excessive use of component B can cause the cured sealant to become brittle and lose its elasticity. However, if the amount of component B is too small, the sealant cannot fully cure.

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