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The most important thing in writing a marketing promotion plan is to be able to summarize the company's products in a simple sentence, and what kind of users or markets they can meet, what are the core functions of the product, and what are the main aspects of competitiveness.

In addition, when it comes to product positioning, besides considering the product itself, we can also consider the target audience. For example, factors that can be considered include the characteristics of the target audience, including age group, gender, education, region, etc., the social circle of the target audience, and frequently visited products.

In the early stage of market promotion, which is the seed stage, more work can be focused on collecting user behavior data and improving product functionality. During this time period, data analysis can prepare for later work, so it may not be too much, but it should be accurate and authentic.

Regarding team management, for example, a morning meeting can be held on Monday to mainly allocate work tasks for the week. On Wednesday, business skills training can be conducted. On Friday, a summary of work for the week can be held, and the achievement of goals for the week can be reported.

The marketing plan can also include performance evaluation. For example, marketing is not the result created by one person, but by a team. Therefore, if there are goals, performance evaluation is needed to measure this standard. How to break down the team's indicators to each person and day is the best way.

In addition, there are various channels for market promotion, which can be considered both online and offline. Online promotion can be achieved through advertising platforms, internet platforms, new media, etc. Offline sales can be done through direct stores, etc.

The commonly used strategies include: 1. Initially, promoting through multiple channels, collecting data, and selecting appropriate amounts for maintenance;

2. For the selection of channels, if the budget is sufficient, more expansion can be carried out; otherwise, the selection should be based on demand;

3. It is best to ensure the exposure of the product and achieve stability, which is relative to the marketing promotion of service products such as apps.

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