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SACHEM has advanced fully enclosed and fully automated production equipment.At the same time,we have built a Sachem R&D and testing center with reference to the standards of the National Inspection Center.All advanced domestic and overseas testing equipment are used to insure the company's product quality.

SACHEM Company is a national certified manufacturer ofsilicone structural adhesives,and has obtained the ISO9001:2015 QMS,ISO45001:2018 OSHM and ISO14001:2015 EMS certifications.

SACHEM is a registered trademark of our company,SACHEM series products are widely used in curtain walls,insulating glass,interior decoration,anti-corrosion doorsand windows,and many other applications.

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    Sachme Be established in 1990 years
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    It has three branches around the world
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    We have a strong research and development team
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    Beijing BDA
Corporate culture
  • Customer First

    Quick Response Building Trust
  • Empowerment & Respect

    Trustful and Respectful Develope New Ideas
  • Courage for innovation

    Developing Quality Products Improve Energy Efficiency
  • Manage for Results

    Open and transparent Lead By Example
Industry Advantages

Sachem Company is a national certified manufacturer of silicone structural adhesives, and has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 QMS,ISO45001:20180SHMand ISO14001:2015EMScertifications.

SACHEM is a registered trademark of our company, SACHEM series products are widely used in curtain walls, insulating glass, interior decoration, anti-corrosion doors and windows, and many other applications.

Our company has come to know for its rigorous management system,quality control procedures and excellent sales service system, which insure that Sachem will always provide quality products and services to our customers all over China and worldwide.

Adhere to the principle of "customer first, quality first", and continuously develop and upgrade. For many years, we have established an advanced platform for one-stop services and will be committed to providing customers with integrated solutions with the best experience!



R&D and market development


Became the largest silicone sealant manufacturer and seller in China


Obtained structural silicone sealant certification from the national Economic and Trade Commission in 2002


Hold a product launch conference in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to fully enter the end market


Became the No.1 manufacturer and seller of silicone sealant in 2007


Built up sales team and integrate agents.Adjusted the product structure and take the middle and high end route.


Reorganized the corporate structure


Redeveloped R&D and production systems to provide source power for sustainable development of the enterprises

2020 - present

Building brand awareness and reputation, and expand product range Re-certified ISO9001 ISO14001 and ISO45001

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